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we do? host: we have a tweet. guest: it is true that monetary policy has made u.s. exports relatively cheaper and in some ways that is a good thing. there is concern about inflation right now but it is relatively low. some folks think a little more inflation could be good for the economy. congress does not have a lot to do with that. the federal reserve conducts monetary policy. i do think there is something to the idea that low wage workers have seen little growth in their wages at a time that things have gone more expensive. it tends to go district by district. it is pretty complicated. i think it would be, in part. businesses reactant all sorts of different ways. that can mean lower profits for them. those workers are more productive. sometimes they will pass through those costs to consumers. the workers have more money to spend. the effect is complicated on a local economy. caller: good morning. i am listening to the television. i am amazed the people against raising the minimum wage to $9. hat is that, $360 a week? raise the minimum wage. host: alan in tennessee. hi, alan. go ahe
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1